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Published On April 2, 2014 | Art

BROOKLYN, NY—Grandiose was the performance given by the dancers of the Asha Dance Company, “The Season of Woman”, and an interpretation of the current status of woman today. Strong and swift were their movements, giving messages of loss, struggle and triumph, a celebration of women’s strength and love. The troop’s costumes went from urban to elegant, flowing to the beautiful compositions of orchestral sounds.

The performance started off giving shine to the women of urban culture, patterned tights and loose fitting tank tops, attire of a sweltering New York summer. This raw performance at a one point had a dancer jittering feverishly, while being attended by another, indicative of the cold nature of city life and the even more harsh reality of addiction withdrawal.

The inner emotions were conveyed effortlessly by the troop, the white backdrop complimenting their motions with hues of fuchsia and magenta. Shadows of the dancers dipped and jumped across the backdrop, sequenced perfectly, yet performed as if it was a game being played by children.


A soulful song echoed through the room “I am a Woman of the Ghetto”, the silhouettes of five women could be seen on the backdrop as they walked out into the blue light. Only to have their silhouettes splashed across the backdrop as the illuminating light filled the stage and the dancers began their dance once more. Powerful and graceful, this portion finished off with the dancers wearing the garb of women in upstanding positions of society.

The last performance started off with a woman in all white praying to be joined by the speech of a preacher, the rest of the troop walked out to the uplifting words. The dancers choreographed their movements while seated, only to follow the orders of the gospel “STAND UP!!!”, then meshing into one group and flowing through each other like water. Exploding into movement in Baptist church form, dancers ran up the aisles, interacting with the audience who in turn followed the gospel’s orders “STAND UP!!!”

Nadia came out as the dancers bowed to their standing ovation, engaging the crowd with a few confident words and she went on to individually introduce each member of the dancing troop. Fighting back tears in giving a special shout out to Ariel Tharp, a motivated dancer who resides in Maryland, but shows the dedication in coming to every rehearsal and function of the Dance Company prior to the performance.

By Kenneth Thomas








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Review: Dress to Express Fashion Mixer

by: Alrica Candiese in: Did You Know?



Top Notch Trends 
Every fashionista believes that style is a form of expression. If you are a fashionista who supports local designers and business owners then you must have been in attendance at the Dress to Express Fashion Mixer, held Saturday, February 1st in NYC. This Top Notch Trend event was hosted by Gregory St. Fort, Keiasha Chanel and sponsored by Solavei.

If you missed this event, then you missed a lot.

Best Moments of the Night:

Special guest speaker, celebrity stylist Shalik Hartford explained how to build your own brand in the fashion industry."Success is not magnitude or measured by the money you have in your bank account. That is a misconception that most people have.." "Come to work everyday with a goal of making the best products and giving your best work." "Anything is possible, no matter how long it takes. Never give up on your dreams.." Shalik currently works with Day26 as their tour stylist.
An amazing dance performance by ASHA Dance Company.

The presentation of all the vendors and sponsors was amazing. Each vendor told their brand story; from pastries, jewelry, handbags,scarves, makeup and clothing to mobile services. The stories were entertaining, inspiring and touching. Check out Top Notch Trends official website for a listing of vendors and ways you can get your hands on some the goodies offered that night. 
Follow Gregory St. Fort and Top Notch Trend and be sure to do as their motto says and "Let's Keep Building."

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                  ASHA Dance Company: The Desolation of Love
                                                                                       May 26, 2015

The emotions of both despair and promise are communicated through dance in this photo gallery of passionate performers.  Meant to explore “the declining action of love in the world,”  The Desolation of Love, preformed by the ASHA Dance Company, rewarded viewers with a physical understanding of love conquering hate through hope.

The vibrant effects of the stage, enduring poses, and minimalist clothing were brilliantly captured. “Hate, greed and vanity has filled the hearts of many, but not all,” according to the event’s press release.

The Desolation of Love was held on May 9th at The Kumble Theater. See images above.

By: Sandra Almonte (@sandy_girl89)
Photos: Brandon DeSouza – @bigeyess_queso