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 ASHA Dance Company/ Junior Division       

The junior division consists of young dancers between the ages of 6 - 16 who share a common love for dance. The junior division meets twice a week Mondays and Saturdays learning different styles of dance such as ballet, contemporary, jazz and afro- fusion. Juniors learn a variety of company repertoires that challenges them both technically and mentally.  As young developing artists it is important for them to push themselves and aim to reach their full potential.

In addition to preparing for their end of the year production, juniors also get the opportunity to perform in public events and showcases throughout the year that requires them to be consistent and ready to perform at any given moment. The junior division gains that professional experience needed to become more confident, independent, well rounded and creative individuals that can utilize every skill they have learned during their time in the junior division and apply it to their daily lives in and out of class; not solely for the performing arts.    

Registration for our next dance season 2017-2018 is Now In Session!